Selling Sparrows
CHAPTER 14 Western Australia and the Transport System
CHAPTER 15 The Voyage of the Mermaid
CHAPTER 16 Gibraltar
CHAPTER 17 Arrival in Western Australia
CHAPTER 18 Dockerill Appeals
CHAPTER 19 Dartmoor
CHAPTER 20 Dockerill Appeals Again
CHAPTER 21 Northampton (Gwalla)
CHAPTER 22 The Later Years
Acknowledgements, Appendices, Notes, Index
CHAPTER 1 Village Life - Thorn and Puddlehill
CHAPTER 2 Facts of Life for Labourers
CHAPTER 3 Facts of Life for Straw-plaiters and Children
CHAPTER 4 The Whites - Family Life 1800 to 1849
CHAPTER 5 The Dockerills - A Pauper's Life in Stanbridge

CHAPTER 6 The Rise in Crime
CHAPTER 7 Caught in the Act
CHAPTER 8 The Bedfordshire Lent Assizes 1849
CHAPTER 9 The Trial
CHAPTER 10 William and Squire Brandreth
CHAPTER 11 Life in Bedford Prison
CHAPTER 12 Millbank, Cholera and Shorncliffe
CHAPTER 13 Portland Gaol
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