Selling Sparrows
The Guildford branch of the WSFHS enjoyed your talk on "Pressed or volunteer?" very much and were amused by the graphics which kept popping up on the illustrations. Our members were enthralled with your extensive research into your boatswain ancestor and amazed what you had discovered. We know how long it takes just to find one piece of information and you were covering different continents 200 years ago. On behalf of all of us, I thank you for another stimulating and informative evening. November 2013
‘We heard nothing but praise for your presentation and can confirm that everyone not only found it very interesting but also thoroughly enjoyed it.'
Spalding & District U3A. Oct 2013 'A journey in search of convict ancestors'
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Our members have so enjoyed each of your splendid talks that they have asked 'When is Judy coming back to give another talk?' They will be pleased to know that you will be visiting us again to present 'Penny for the Guy'. U3A Wonersh Family History Group
May I take this opportunity of thanking you for your wonderful talk and presentation. I do not think anyone took a breath yesterday during you talk, in case they missed any part of it.
Dunstable U3A Family History Group 'Pressed or Volunteer?' November 2013
On behalf of our members may I thank you most sincerely for such a stimulating evening. You put on a most entertaining animated slide show despite the horrors of the 19th century working life for the children depicted. I think we all learned some new aspect of child poverty and the harsh conditions of work.
The Guildford branch of the WSFHS March 2013 'Suffer Little Children'
‘That was brilliant.' Bucks FHS Oct 2013 'Pressed or Volunteer?'
'A fantastic presentation.' 'Amazing graphics.' 'You have a great ability in telling a story.'
Cranleigh History Society November 2013 'Captain & Mrs. Cook'
'All of us enjoyed your talk. Your animated illustrations were brilliant and the topic of great interest.'
WSFHS Aug 2012 'Human Cargo'
Thank you so much Judy for your absolutely wonderful talk and presentation.
Dunstable U3A Family History Group 'A Journey in Search of Convict Ancestors' November 2012
I thought todays talk was one of the very best I have every heard. A most interesting family history put over in a most polished and professional manner.
Dunstable U3A Family History Group November 2012 'A Journey in Search of Convict Ancestors'
A very interesting and knowledgeable talk, perhaps one of the best we have had for a long time.
Family Roots 2012 'Human Cargo'
A most professional and interesting talk.
U3A Tunbridge Wells 'Captain and Mrs. Cook'
An excellent well illustrated talk.
WSFHS Nov 2012 'Old England, A Golden Age?'
Thank you for such an interesting talk. Everyone loved your graphics - it was so well done. I can well believe the amount of work into achieving such a great show.
BerkshireFHS 'Human Cargo'