Selling Sparrows
The Old Chapel Graphic Design
Claremont Museum
Dartmoor Prison Heritage Centre
Clink Prison Museum
Specialists in the design of illustrated books.
Preserving and interpreting the history of
Claremont, Western Australia.
Provides an interesting insight into prison life in Dartmoor both past and present.
Fremantle Prison Museum
Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service. Gaol Register
Fremantle Prison is convict built. Now one of Western Australia’s most significant cultural attractions.
A visit to Clink is a must for experience of prison life between the years 1144 and 1780.
Parish Chest
Premier On-line Genealogy Specialists.
A database containing information of prisoners convicted in Bedford courts.
About the Book
Victorian Punishment
Buy the Book
Convict Database
Archives Office of Tasmania
Convicts to Australia
A database with searchable index of convicts to Tasmania.
Searchable Database of Convicts to Western Australia.
State Library of Queensland
Convict transportation registers 1787-1867 searchable database.
Convict Databases
Bedfordshire Family History Society
Formed in 1977 to encourage the study of Family History.
Houghton Regis Heritage Timeline
Research into Houghton Regis' long and illustrious past
Paths to Crime
The Bedfordshire Quarter Session Rolls 1831 to 1900 cataloguing project